Al Khalil College is offering places for boys and girls in P1, P2, Transitus (Primary 7)*, S1 and S2 for academic session 2021-2022.

* Our Transitus year has been designed to help students make a smooth progression from primary education into a secondary setting. By becoming familiar to the style of teaching in secondary level facilities, students have the opportunity to prepare for the demands of secondary education.

You can apply by filling in the form online or you can download it from Here

Application for Admission

Please complete the form below. For further information or assistance, please contact the school by phoning 0141 258 5951 or email

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Parent's Declaration

As parent(s) or guardian(s) of the child I/we apply for a place at Al Khalil College for him/her to become a pupil at the school with effect from the Admission Date specified above. I/we also accept that this application is subject to Al Khalil College's current admissions policy as of the date this application is received by the school. I/we recognise that there is no obligation on Al Khalil College to offer him a place at the school or accept him as a pupil.

Furthermore, I/we also authorise his current school (named above) to confirm to the Headteacher whether all of his fees have been paid to the said school and to disclose any relevant information on our child. I/we also authorise the Headteacher to disclose this application and authorisation to that current school.

If Al Khalil College offers a place at the school for my/our child, then I/we understand that Al Khalil College will consider the offer as being declined if I/we do not accept by the deadline stated on the letter of offer.

It is important, in the interest of the child, for the parent(s)/guardian(s) to advise the Headteacher of any disabilities, medical conditions or other circumstances which we should be made aware of and which may require him to be given special assistance at Al Khalil College. Please give specific details in the space below.